• Huvudmeny


Support for Sweden’s national minority languages.

The Institute for Language and Folklore administers a government grant scheme whose aim is to put individuals in a better position to acquire and use their national minority language – a term that includes all varieties of Finnish, Yiddish, Meänkieli (formerly known as Tornedal Finnish), Romani Chib and Sami. 

Grants are awarded for programmes that will enhance reading and writing skills in minority languages, such as educational activities in the language to be learnt, language projects aimed at children and their parents, and reading initiatives. In addition, funding is available for projects to promote a better understanding of multilingualism, language as a vehicle of culture, or language transmission between generations. Particular support is given to activities with a focus on children and young people. 

Grants can be sought by non-governmental organisations or foundations operating on a not-for-profit basis in Sweden. Applications can also be made with other organisations, foundations or local authorities as co-applicants. When projects are completed, grant recipients have to submit a report on the results achieved.

Applications must include a tangible and detailed description of the planned project and a detailed estimate of the costs. 
If you have any questions about the grant scheme or the application procedure, please contact Anna Gezelius.

Uppdaterad 29 January 2018