All the elements are sorted in categories. Here you can find more information about the categories, and their content.

  • Celebrations

    These are examples which are linked to all kinds of celebrations, it includes celebrations of our life, the year or other things belonging to religio…

  • Craft

    Craft skills of all kinds have been passed from one practitioner to another throughout the ages, for their own use or for professional use. "The…

  • Food traditions

    What do we eat, and when, how and why? Food is associated with human survival, but also with social patterns - meetings, experiences and traditions a…

  • Knowledge of nature and the universe

    For example knowledge, skills, customs, thought patterns and beliefs rooted in people's relationship to nature, and our place in the universe.

  • Methodological examples

    This includes programmes, projects and activities which show how we can work to document or pass on knowledge and which can serve as a model. This ca…

  • Music and dance

    Dancing, singing and playing music is the means of expression that is exercised in the most diverse contexts; together or alone, at work, leisure, ce…

  • Narrative

    Different forms of oral traditions and expression are gathered here, such as stories, proverbs, rhymes, ballads, jokes, poetry and other word skills.

  • Performances

    Performances, shows or productions - something which takes place in front of others, such as in front of an audience. This may include the preparatio…

  • Social practises

    By social practices we mean social customs and forms of coexistence, both in everyday life and in formal contexts.