About the Institute

The Institute for Language and Folklore (Isof) is a Swedish government authority that builds, collects and disseminates knowledge about Sweden’s language and culture.

Expert authority

We are experts in the Swedish language and dialects, the national minority languages of Finnish, Yiddish, Meänkieli and Romani, as well as Swedish sign language. Our expertise also extends to place names, personal names, culture and traditions in Sweden. We serve all citizens and are a resource for many professionals, associations and organisations. We assist the government with information and recommendations, and provide support to other authorities.

We safeguard and collect knowledge

We safeguard languages, names and intangible cultural heritage. We also monitor social developments in language and culture, and collect stories and knowledge about our times. Our physical and digital archives are a living memory bank for everyone.

We conduct research and build knowledge

We research, investigate and give opinions in our areas of expertise. We build up new areas of knowledge and raise pressing social issues based on our expertise and language and cultural policy objectives.

We provide advice and share knowledge

We provide advice and recommendations and answer questions from the public, the press and professionals. We contribute to enjoyable learning and give everyone the opportunity to take part in and shape Sweden’s language and culture.

Mandate from the government

The Swedish government decides on the conditions for Isof’s activities. Each year, the government sends us appropriation directions that include objectives and performance requirements as well as the Institute’s funding. We also have a more long-term regulation that determines the focus of our work.

Operations in several locations

We have about 90 employees, and offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Uppsala. The Institute’s management and administration are based in Uppsala.


Here you can find contact details for general questions to the Institute.

The Institute for Language and Folklore (Isof) is a government authority. This means that what you send to us by email or post becomes a public document that can be requested.

General questions to the Institute


0200-28 33 33 (switchboard)
The switchboard is open Monday–Friday 9.00–16.30

Postal address
Box 135, 751 04 Uppsala