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Plain language and professional writing

A research overview.

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Author: Andreas Nord

Published: 2018

This report constitutes a kind of research overview, originally published in Swedish and intended for a Swedish – and possibly Scandinavian – audience. Its aim has been to summarize some research results and perspectives that are useful for those who implement plain language/clear communication projects in workplaces as course leaders or language planners, and also for researchers and students interested in the subject of plain language.

The English version has been slightly revised in order to make it more accessible for an international audience, but it is still mainly a presentation of research selected on the basis of its relevance to a Swedish context.

Report originally published in Swedish: Klarspråksarbete och yrkeslivsskrivande

Uppdaterad 19 oktober 2018

Original report in Swedish

Publikation: Klarspråksarbete och yrkeslivsskrivande