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The Sago District - The Storytelling Network Kronoberg

Legend poetry is most often spread from mouth to mouth in meetings between people. It can occur from generation to generation, through associations, museums, schools and through the digital world which has created new arenas for storytelling with speech and image.

The geographical spread of the legends varies, some are spread all over Sweden while others have a more local or regional spread, often linked to various locations in the province.

The Sago District is led by the association Berättarnätet Kronoberg (the storytelling network Kronoberg), and includes the municipalities of Alvesta, Ljungby and Älmhult. The association wants to contribute so that the oral storytelling tradition lives on, by passing on knowledge about folk poetry tales and legends, and by emphasizing people's own stories, among other things. The association also conducts research, education and archiving activities.

In the activities of Sago District and the Berättarnätet Kronoberg knowledge is transferred all of the time. In the Sago District approximately 80 so-called legendary places have been selected in the landscape, and guided legend tours are organised. Other activities include geocaching and apps which show the way to the fairy tales and legends. In Ljungby an annually recurring storytelling festival is arranged, and there is also a Museum of Legends. The Museum of Legends runs educational activities in schools and in the museum, and through story telling performances and "renting out" story tellers. Berättarnätet Kronoberg has been appointed adviser to the UNESCO Convention for the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage

Uppdaterad 19 February 2016