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Everyday Magic

A Project about Contemporary Beliefs and Rituals

In the archive collections at the Institute for Language and Folklore there are tens of thousands of narratives documenting the beliefs and practices connected with everyday magic in pre-industrial Swedish society. The rituals often border on both the playful and the serious, and concern topics such as good luck and bad, good fortune and envy. In everyday speech, ideas of this kind are sometimes called “superstitions”.

With the documentation and research project Everyday Magic the focus is on the present day. An overall goal is to supplement the Institutute's older collections with narratives about folklore from our time. As part of the project, a number of beliefs and practices in everyday magic will be studied as creative expressions or instruments by which to formulate, communicate, compare, confirm and question values.

Uppdaterad 19 november 2019

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Fredrik Skott

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Folk Belief and Traditions of the Supernatural (ed. T. Kuusela & G. Maiello, 2016): Folklore of Manhole Covers: Fears, Hopes and Everyday Magic in Contemporary Sweden)PDF (pdf, 2.2 MB)